Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

One of the major tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi is the Ferrari World. World’s first and foremost theme park based on the Ferrari brand, this adrenaline pumping spot in the capital city United Arab Emirates has 37 thrilling rides and many other exclusive attractions. This park attracts people of all age groups, which makes Ferrari World a family friendly theme park. The following are the ten things that one must know about the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, before entering the park.

  1. Step into the world of Ferrari:

Ferrari World is a dream come true moment for all the car lovers of this brand. This is the only place where the visitors can get to see the entire process of how the much loved and dynamic cars are manufactured.

  1. Candy land for the racing enthusiastic kids:

If your kid is a F1 racing enthusiast, then this theme park is a must visit place. There is a racing school called the Junior Pilota’s Racing School right inside the premises of Ferrari World. The kids are trained professionally by racing experts from the F1 racing field and the field is also stimulated. So the kids can get a great learning experience.

  1. Formula Rossa:

The fastest roller coaster ride in the world is available only in Ferrari World. Named the Formula Rossa, this ride moves at a speed of 240km per hour due to usage of hydraulic launch system. With scary turns and twisty corners, this 2km ride gives you the much required adrenaline rush.

  1. Paradise for kids:

Not just elders, kids too can have fun at this theme park. Khalil’s Car Wash is a must visit place with the kids. It is a play area that has features like remote controlled mini Ferrari, pedal cars and race cars.

  1. Entertaining shows:

Ferrari World does not have just thrilling rides and other amusement corners. It is also well known for its shows that enthrall and entertain the audience. One must never miss the live show Tyre Change and the live theatre RED. Also one must not miss the 3D animation show Viva Ferrari.

  1. Take your kids to Italy:

This unique amusement corner called the Bell’Italia for kids is a definite heart stealer. A small 1958 Ferrari 250 California car takes the kids around the miniatures of the iconic places, landmarks race tracks and beaches in Italy.

  1. A Ferrari ride:

This is a dream come true moment for every Ferrari lover. If you are over 21 years of age and have a license issued by the UAE government, then you can drive a real Ferrari with a racing expert. If you do not own a license then you can still enjoy the ride as a passenger.

  1. Enjoy the seasonal events:

Seasonal events happen at the theme park every year. The Festival of Lights is held in the months of October and November while another event called the Winterfest is held in the months of December and January.

  1. Grab the Ferrari merchandise:

Two shops inside the theme park, The Ferrari Store and The Ferrari Past & Present Store have the car related merchandise on sale and also collection of branded toys and Italian products.

  1. Theme park tickets:

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi tickets can be availed from the website or directly from the counters in the theme park. A single ticket provides unlimited access to the theme park for the entire day.

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